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Schechter Daf Yomi

With Gratitude to Hashem, 
we are proud to announce the dedication of the 
Rabbi Philip Herbert Schechter z"l
Daf Yomi Shiur
L'zecher Nishmas HaRav Chaim Ephraim ben HaRav Yisrael Zev z"l
Daf Yomi is the international program of study of one page of Talmud everyday that leads to a Siyum HaShas every seven and a half years.
Ahavas Torah has been home to Daf Yomi study since the new cycle began in August 2012. Together, shul members have completed many tractates.
The Rabbi Philip Herbert Schechter z"l Daf Yomi Shiur has been made possible through the generosity of 
Mrs. Estelle Schechter and
Mr. Jay & Mrs. Debbie Schechter and family
Rabbi Schechter z"l was a distinguished talmid chacham and leader in the Jewish community of Brooklyn, NY until his petira, and the learning in his name will be a great merit to his legacy of Talmud and Chumash teaching and of increased mitzvah observance.  
Together with their mother Mrs. Estelle Schechter, Professor Jay & Mrs. Debbie Schechter are well known supporters of Torah projects throughout the Phoenix community.  Daf Yomi is a special part of their lives as Professor Schechter completed the entire Talmud this past cycle.
The Rabbi Philip Herbert Schechter Daf Yomi meets Sunday through Friday one hour before Shacharis, and on Shabbos afternoons one hour before Mincha.
Fri, May 24 2019 19 Iyyar 5779