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Learning Schedule

Daily Shiurim


Early Chabura
"Maseches Taanis"
with Rabbi Avraham Aboulafia

Mon-Fri at 5:50 AM

Halacha Chabura
"Laws of Shabbos"
with Rabbi Avraham Aboulafia

Sundays at 7:20 AM
Mon-Fri at 6:50 AM

Lomdishe Iyun Shiur
"Maseches Kiddushin"
Independent study during the week, with an in-depth shiur by
Rabbi Shalom Zagelbaum
on Thursdays at 9:20 pm
with Rabbi Avraham Aboulafia

after Mincha on Sun-Thurs
Weekday Shiurim
Semichas Chaver Program for Men
with Rabbi Shoshan
Mondays at 7:30 PM
Gemara Brachos
with Rabbi Noach Muroff
Tuesdays at 8:15 PM (by Zoom)
Thursday Night "Shabbos Drasha"
with Rabbi Ariel Shoshan
Thursdays at 8:00 PM (by Zoom)
Leil Shishi Chabura
with Rabbi Avraham Aboulafia
Thursdays at 7:45 PM at a private home
(Email for address)

Shabbos Shiurim
Dvar Halacha
by Rabbi Muroff
Friday night between Kabbalas Shabbos & Maariv
Nesivos Shalom
Parsha-based thought of the late Slonimer Rebbe
with Rabbi Shoshan

Shabbos mornings at 8:00 AM
(7:45 AM in Summer)
Shabbos Drasha
with Rabbi Shoshan
Before Mussaf
R' Hirsch Shiur
 with Rabbi Shoshan
30 min. before Shabbos Mincha
For men & women
Shalosh Seudos Drasha
with Rabbi Shoshan
After Mincha

Daily Shiurim
Daf Yomi 
with Rabbi Elimelech Adler
Monday - Friday 5:40 - 6:25 AM
Sunday 7:15 - 8:00 AM
Laws of Tefila (Davening) 
with Rabbi Glazer
Daily after Shacharis
Kitzur Shulchan Aruch
with Rabbi Glazer
Monday - Friday for 20 minutes
after Laws of Tefilla
Sefer HaChinuch: One Mitzvah A Day 
with Rabbi Shoshan
Daily between Mincha & Maariv
Youth Learning
Mishna Club for Boys
for boys 2nd grade and up
with Rabbi Noach Muroff
Shabbos afternoons -
30 minutes before Mincha
Boys' Chabura
Breakfast and Learning - for ages 11-15
with Rabbi Avraham Aboulafia

Sundays following Shacharis (at 8:45 am)
Dor L'Dor Learning
Intergenerational learning for fathers, grandfathers, boys and girls,
with raffles, prizes, and pizza
Motzai Shabbos at 7:15 pm
(seasonal - Nov-Feb)

One-on-One Learning

Speak to Rabbi Shoshan
or to any of our rabbis.
Tue, April 23 2024 15 Nisan 5784