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R' Chaim Zimmerman


Mr. Chaim Zimmerman

Administrator, Gabbai
Chaim Zimmerman serves multiple roles at Ahavas Torah.  Since 2015, he has served as Gabbai, while also teaching and leading our Daf Yomi program and aspects of our programming for children of all ages.  He was previously our shul administrator from 2015 until 2018, when he scaled back his role to focus on becoming a nursing home administrator.  In early 2021, we welcomed him back to his role as the part-time shul Administrator.  
R' Chaim, as his students have often called him, is an experienced Torah teacher, who was a member of the staff of Fuchs Mizrachi School, Jewish Family Experience, Green Road Synagogue, and NCSY -- all in Cleveland -- from 2011 through 2015.  He has published many study guides for NCSY and Torah Umesorah.  Chaim is a graduate with honors from San Diego State University (BA English '07), and has studied in well known Yeshivos and Kollelim.  He is a native of Chicago, and a graduate of Skokie Yeshiva's Fasman High School.   Chaim and wife Tzivia are parents of eight children.



Fri, May 24 2024 16 Iyyar 5784