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The Ahavas Torah Online Audio Library
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 Rabbi Ariel Shoshan

      "Lessons in Inspired Living"

      Overcoming Life's Greatest Spiritual Challenges

      Personal Potential & the Tests of Abraham (recorded at GW Univ.)    

      Teshuva Drasha 5773

Yaakov, Yosef, and the Hallel of the Exiles  

​Spirituality of Time, the Calendar, and Selichos (recorded at Shearim Torah High School)

  Chanukah, Winter, and Time

  The Kabbalah of Chanukah

  Two Adars: Atonement of Sins & Jewish Unity (recorded at Shearim Torah High School)

  Tu B'Av: The Beginning of It All


"Haggada Insights" Series recorded March '18

        Week 1: Goals & Answering Pharaoh's Question

        Week 2: Nirtzah Uncovered: Prayer for Moshiach

        Week 3: V'Hee She'amda, Providence, Every Generation


"Spiritual Speed Bumps" Series recorded Nov & Dec '17

        Week 1: Finding G-d in the Details

        Week 2: Rav Dessler's Choosing Point

         Week 3: Where's the Recognition? The Role of G-d

        Week 4: Abraham & Embracing Counterculturalism

        Week 5: Reward & the Eternal Soul


"Complementary Opposites" Series recorded Feb & Mar '17

        Topic 1: Love & Awe 

        Topic 2: Humility & Confidence

        Topic 3: Individual & Communal

        Topic 4: Adults & Children


"Sefiros" Series recorded during the Omer 5776

          Topic 1: Introduction & Chesed

        Topic 2: Gevura

        Topic 3: Tiferes

        Topic 4: Netzach

        Topic 5: Hod

        Topic 6: Yesod

        Topic 7: Malchus


"On Judaism" Series recorded Fall '15

         Topic 1: Teshuva

       Topic 2: Hashem

       Topic 3: Prayer

       Topic 4: Torah (recorded for Jacksonville Women's Book Club, Dec '17)

       Topic 5: Kedusha

       Topic 6: Mitzvah

       Topic 7: Shabbos

       Topic 8: Yom Tov

       Topic 9: Kashrut

       Topic 10: Inter-personal Relationships (recorded for Jacksonville WBC, Feb '18)


"Davening with Meaning" Series

       Topic 1: Modim

       Topic 2: Avos (1st Bracha)

        Topic 3: Gevura (2nd Bracha)

        Topic 4: 3rd Bracha & Kedusha

        Topic 5: Requests "Daas"

        Topic 6: Teshuva and Forgiveness

        Topic 7: Prayer in Place of Korbanos

        Topic 8: Redemption, Health, & Parnasa

        Topic 9: Communal Needs

        Topic 10: Shema Koleinu

        Topic 11: Shalom and Blessings of Kohanim                   

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