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Online Learning

The Ahavas Torah Online Audio/Video Library
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Weekly Parsha (ongoing)

Rabbi Shoshan delivers a Shabbos Drasha on Thursday evenings via Zoom.  Previous audio recordings can be accessed HERE
Rabbi Shoshan also records a weekly shiur on the Nesivos Shalom for the Orthodox Union's "All Parsha" app.  Recordings can be accessed HERE.
"A Few Minutes with Rabbi Twerski"  (ongoing)
Rabbi Shoshan shares brief recordings inspired by the notable works of Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski zt"l.  Access previous recordings HERE.  To subscribe to receive email or WhatsApp announcements when new recordings are available, email
"Lessons in Inspired Living"

Rabbi Ariel Shoshan

Overcoming Life's Greatest Spiritual Challenges

Personal Potential & the Tests of Abraham (recorded at GW Univ.)    

Teshuva Drasha 5773

Yaakov, Yosef, and the Hallel of the Exiles  

​Spirituality of Time, the Calendar, and Selichos (recorded at Shearim Torah High School)

Chanukah, Winter, and Time

The Kabbalah of Chanukah

Two Adars: Atonement of Sins & Jewish Unity (recorded at Shearim Torah High School)

Tu B'Av: The Beginning of It All

Tu B'Av

(recorded July '21)
Rabbi Ariel Shoshan - "Tu B'Av, Hashem, Love: The Beginning of it All"



"Spiritual Speed Bumps" Series

(recorded Nov & Dec '17)

Week 1: Finding G-d in the Details

Week 2: Rav Dessler's Choosing Point

Week 3: Where's the Recognition? The Role of G-d

Week 4: Abraham & Embracing Counterculturalism

Week 5: Reward & the Eternal Soul


"Complementary Opposites" Series

(recorded Feb & Mar '17)

Topic 1: Love & Awe 

Topic 2: Humility & Confidence

Topic 3: Individual & Communal

Topic 4: Adults & Children


"Sefiros" Series

(recorded during the Omer 5776)

Topic 1: Introduction & Chesed

Topic 2: Gevura

Topic 3: Tiferes

Topic 4: Netzach

Topic 5: Hod

Topic 6: Yesod

Topic 7: Malchus


"On Judaism" Series

(recorded Fall '15)

Topic 1: Teshuva

Topic 2: Hashem

Topic 3: Prayer

Topic 4: Torah (recorded for Jacksonville Women's Book Club, Dec '17)

Topic 5: Kedusha

Topic 6: Mitzvah

Topic 7: Shabbos

Topic 8: Yom Tov

Topic 9: Kashrut

Topic 10: Inter-personal Relationships (recorded for Jacksonville WBC, Feb '18)


"Davening with Meaning" Series

Topic 1: Modim

Topic 2: Avos (1st Bracha)

Topic 3: Gevura (2nd Bracha)

Topic 4: 3rd Bracha & Kedusha

Topic 5: Requests "Daas"

Topic 6: Teshuva and Forgiveness

Topic 7: Prayer in Place of Korbanos

Topic 8: Redemption, Health, & Parnasa

Topic 9: Communal Needs

Topic 10: Shema Koleinu

Topic 11: Shalom and Blessings of Kohanim


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