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Online Learning

The Ahavas Torah Online Audio/Video Library
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Weekly Parsha (ongoing)

Rabbi Shoshan delivers a Shabbos Drasha on Thursday evenings via Zoom.  Previous audio recordings can be accessed HERE
Rabbi Shoshan also records a weekly shiur on the Nesivos Shalom for the Orthodox Union's "All Parsha" app.  Recordings can be accessed HERE.
"A Few Minutes with Rabbi Twerski"  (ongoing - recorded 2021)
Rabbi Shoshan shares brief recordings inspired by the notable works of Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski zt"l.  Access previous recordings HERE.  To subscribe to receive email or WhatsApp announcements when new recordings are available, email
"AT Moments" - Selichos Series   (recorded Summer '20)
Our history is one of prayer and salvation, hope and confidence.  The Selichos list many events in Jewish history where Hashem answered our prayers.  Join us for a short tour of history with a video and daily thought to enhance and inspire our davening.
View the entire video series HERE.

Summer Spirituality Series