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Shabbos at Ahavas Torah








Every Shabbos at Ahavas Torah is an uplifting and welcoming experience, including moving tefilos/prayers, inspiring divrei Torah, informative classes, home hospitality, children's programming, tasty Kiddushes, and unforgettable Shalosh Seudos.

The regular Shabbos schedule is:

Mincha 20 min. before sunset
Kabbalas Shabbos
& Maariv
Daf Yomi Class One hour before Shacharis
Nesivos Shalom Class 30 min. before Shacharis
Shacharis 8:30 AM (8:15 AM in summer)
Rabbi's Drasha Before Mussaf
Kiddush (on hold during pandemic)
R. Hirsch Shiur 30 min. before Mincha
Mincha 35 min. before Sunset
Shalosh Seudos (on hold during pandemic)
Maariv 42-50 min. after Sunset


Our Shabbos learning includes a Friday night D’var Halacha by Rabbi Muroff, Shabbos morning Drasha/Sermon by Rabbi Shoshan, and Divrei Torah by Rabbi Shoshan at our Community Shalosh Seudos* every Shabbos afternoon.

For our precise Shabbos schedule, see our Printable Schedules page here.

*Note that there is no Shalosh Seudos during the pandemic.


When viewing our web site on a mobile device, you must scroll to the bottom and select "full site" to view the latest Shabbos schedule, which is posted Friday morning each week.

Sat, April 17 2021 5 Iyyar 5781