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Valley Eruv Project "Scottsdale Eruv"

Please be sure to check that the Eruv is up before every Shabbos.

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The Valley Eruv Project is a collaborative effort of five Scottsdale and Phoenix congregations that designed, permitted, constructed and now maintain an Eruv for the direct benefit of the Jewish community residing between the eruv's boundaries.  The Eruv is quite large, with the significant borders being the Central Arizona Project Canal to the north, Route 101 to the east, Piestewa Freeway (Route 51) to the west, and the Arizona Canal to the south.  It serves large portions of Scottsdale and Phoenix and encompasses all of Paradise Valley.

Current shul partners include:

Ahavas Torah: The Scottsdale Torah Center

Chabad of Phoenix

Chabad of Scottsdale

Congregation Beth Tefillah

Young Israel of Scottsdale

The Rav Hamachshir is Rabbi Avrohom Teichman, Rav of Agudath Israel of Los Angeles and Rabbinic Administrator of Kehilla Kosher. It is locally supervised by Rabbi Ariel Shoshan, Rav of Ahavas Torah, in partnership with Rabbis Pinchas Allouche, Yossi Levertov, and Zalman Levertov.

Please support this vital community resource with a tax-deductible donation.

Administering and maintaining the eruv costs $20,000+ per year, and the local rabbis have established dues at $180/family. This works out to about $3 per Shabbos/Yom Tov ... a real bargain!

Ahavas Torah is pleased to take a leadership role in inspecting, administering, and maintaining the physical and financial health of the Valley Eruv Project on behalf of the community.  Donations to the Valley Eruv Project are coordinated through Ahavas Torah.

Membership dues can be made online in a number of ways.  Earmark your donation in the notes section with the word "Eruv."

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