Ahavas Torah and its members have established gemachs for the benefit of those in the community.

Bris Outfit/Bris Pillow
Lani Harrison
Established by Dovid & Lani Harrison

Car Seats
Car seats and boosters, expert installation
Lani Harrison
Established by Lani Harrison

Interest-Free Loans
Short-term loans of up to $10,000
Rabbi Noach Muroff

Established by David & Debbie Mitchell

Shiva Chairs/Siddurim Needs
Rabbi Ariel Shoshan

Shabbos Gemach
Crock pots, urns, platas, etc.
Rabbi Noach Muroff

Simcha Gemach – “Gemach Hendel”
Tables, chairs, crock pots, urns, plates, vases, wine glasses, utensils, tablecloths, air conditioners, lights, extension cords and more. Cleaning fee may apply.
Moshe Lobl
Established by Moshe & Bashy Lobl in memory of Bashy’s mother, Hendel bas R’ Yeshaya a”h

Tools/Home Improvement Equipment
Drills/bits, miter saw, sawzall/jigsaw, ladder, finish nailer, hand cart and more.
R’ Chaim Zimmerman
Established by Yona & Shaindel Udoff