About Us

Connecting Families and Individuals to Passionate, Authentic and Welcoming Judaism

Ahavas Torah: The Scottsdale Torah Center is a community dedicated to ribui k’vod Shamayim – increasing the honor of Hashem – through the deepened commitments of its members and friends while welcoming Jews of all backgrounds.

Families and individuals of varied observance levels find passion and authenticity as they grow together in Torah study, prayer, mitzvah observance, and acts of loving-kindness.  We strive for a palpable sense of contact with the divine as we touch not only Torah and its laws but also the Sinai experience again and again.

Four Pillars

Outstanding Shabbos & Yom Tov Experiences – Every Shabbos and every holiday, from Yom Kippur to Lag BaOmer, from candle lighting to Shalosh Seudos, the davening, the singing, and the Torah taught strive to make a memorable impact for our daily lives.

Consistent Learning & Davening – The lifeblood of the Jewish people is the Torah, and its hearbeat is its minyan.  Aiming to maximize davening and learning opportunities for every member of the family, we provide a wide array of minyan choices, weekly and daily classes, and an ideal environment for Torah study.

A Community of Care for One Another – In times of need, whether due to simcha or challenge, we are there for each other.  Ahavas Torah is a family and its kindnesses are built on the rabbi, rebbetzin and community caring for one another and for others in need – with love – both reactively and proactively, through life’s evident highs and its evident lows.

An Embassy of the Torah – World Jews of all backgrounds join together at Ahavas Torah for an authentic Torah experience, sharing their yearning for growth. Our families inspire our visitors, as they in-turn share their own talents, knowledge and spirit with us.  Renowned Torah leaders provide a taste of their paths and expertise while being lifted up by our spiritual space, our fire, and our amazing men, women and children.


  • Rabbi Ariel Shoshan
  • Rabbi Noach Muroff – Associate Rabbi
  • Rabbi Shalom Zagelbaum – Assistant Rabbi
  • Rabbi Avraham Aboulafia
  • Rabbi Yisrael Tesser – Director of Projects
  • R’ Chaim Zimmerman – Administrator/Gabbai
  • Mrs. Halle Farber – Communications

Board of Advisors

  • Mr. Mervyn Levin – Board Chair
  • Dr. Mel Bottner
  • Mr. Jacob Khazanovich
  • Mr. Jordan Kroop
  • Dr. Marty Mollen
  • Mr. Rodney Mollen
  • Mr. Nashie Rosenberg
  • Mr. Larry Spitz
  • Mr. Lennie Weiss