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Ahavas Torah is a Torah community in Scottsdale, Arizona with a unique ruach of kedusha that warms the lives of hundreds of  families and thousands of visitors.

Dedicated to a mission of ribui k’vod Shamayim – increasing the honor of Hashem – locals and visitors share experiences that cherish Klal Yisrael with uncommon diversity, providing the full gamut of spiritual needs, including 2500+ minyanim and 3000+ shiurim, countless acts of chesed, and reliable care for all in need.

Torah Community -
An Embassy in the Desert

Meet Our Rabbis

Rabbi Ariel Shoshan

Rabbi Noach Muroff

Rabbi Avraham Aboulafia

Ahavas Torah Is Your Home

for Passionate, authentic, welcoming judaism

Ahavas Torah welcomes members from diverse Jewish backgrounds. Founded in 2004, the shul has been blessed by a membership that boasts families and singles in every age group, from post college adults and couples to young families and grandparents. Stand with us and soar!

13402 N. Scottsdale Road B140; Entrace on Joan de Arc, at the dead end, one block west of Scottsdale Road.

TAG (Technology Awareness Group)

Use of the Internet includes both spiritual and social dangers. TAG can assist with advice and customizable filters for all digital devices.

New to Scottsdale?

If you are new to the area, or just visiting, here is some helpful information.